Hello, My name is … and I’m a meat addict

Welcome to my Blog, I haven’t decided if I will post this anonymously or not. So for the time being I’m undercover!

I am undertaking a personal challenge, to eat healthier and improve my overall fitness, weight loss etc etc.

I am putting it all down in a blog in the hope that this will be my training partner, the one who guilts you into keeping going when you want to skip a day.

I hope you will follow my journey, because believe me, If I can do it then anyone can do it.

Over the next 8 months (I turn 47 in August), I will aim to reduce my meat intake, up my vegetable intake. Cut out fizzy drinks, Snacks – especially Chocolate and Haribo’s.

I have a great personal trainer who will make sure my exercise regime gets more intensive. And in September I will compete in my second ever Triathlon.

So I hope you enjoy following me on this quest, and if nothing else it may inspire one person to have a go.